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Commercial Engineering Offices

This engineering firm asked Nancy Kuhn Commercial Interior Design to create an understated and professional atmosphere to represent their no frills “we mean business” attitude. Working with metal, walnut and chrome, we added sophistication to the interiors by using a neutral color palette; for texture we selected a geometric patterned commercial grade carpet–making the space both striking and functional. Our selections of art work, specialized lighting, and accessories refined the design.

The trend in interior design for engineering firms has historically been conservative regarding design and furnishings for offices. Working with the utilitarian materials of chrome, metal, and walnut, the interior designer is charged with making these materials a good foundation for a commercial interior design space that is both practical and sophisticated.

The desired affect is not easily achieved. It takes an experienced professional to create a look for a commercial interior design space. Moreover, an interior designer needs to have experience working with contractors, manufacturers, and vendors that are involved in creating a professional commercial space.

Nancy Kuhn Commercial Interior Design has over 30 years of experience making this look a reality for commercial spaces. Longevity in an interior designer’s career means that the designer creates interior spaces for satisfied customers for many years; experience means the designer has a proven record for handling all the important duties that must be performed when designing and installing a project; experience means the designer has access to an extensive collection of residential and office furniture resources, accessories, custom carpeting, custom flooring, custom window coverings, art work, upholsterers, reupholsters and refinishers, which have been cultivated over the years and help the designer create a custom environment reflecting your life-style and personality. Choosing a designer with a reputation for excellence in interior design is essential to the success of your design project.